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Wildlife unlike anywhere else, wild and vast lands, rich traditions, pristine islands with azure waters, thundering waterfalls, colourful souks and world-record breaking cities. Prepare to be enchanted by Africa.​


From the frenetic streets of Hanoi and the pristine beaches of Bali to the ancient rainforest in Malaysia and vibrant temples in Thailand. Asia is a continent full of adventure, history and charm that always leaves visitors desperate for more.


Dramatic mountain scenery, vast desert with remote outback towns, vibrant and colourful reefs, magnificent white-sand islands, lush tropical rainforest and a myriad of wildlife. Australasia really does have it all.

Central America

Active volcanoes, postcard-perfect islands with world-renowned scuba-diving, impressive ancient ruins, colourful colonial cities and bustling markets. Central America is like a tropical fairytale.


Extravagant palaces, romantic architectural masterpieces, jaw-dropping mountains, delicious food, narrow cobbled streets and epic history. There's no way to leave Europe anything less than awestruck.

North America and Canada

The dramatic Rocky Mountains, piercing blue glacial lakes, cascading waterfalls, endless epic adventures and incredible wildlife. North America and Canada are an outdoor lover's dream.