Meet Andy and Helen

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Firstly, thanks for visiting our blog, we hope you like what you’ve seen so far!

We’re Andy and Helen and we met during our travels in a little mountain town called Whistler in Canada in 2017. We were both on working holiday visas and worked in the same hotel. Andy in the restaurant, and myself on the front desk. This is Andy’s favourite story to tell as it involves me trying to grab his attention for a few months before actually plucking up the courage to speak to him (helped along with a few wines…)!

When we first got together, we soon realised we had a lot in common. Our love for travel, our curiosity and interest in learning about and experiencing different cultures and our passion for being in the great outdoors.

We spent the next few months hiking in the mountains around Whistler and Colorado which brought us a lot closer. 

Andy and Helen stood on a log in Garibaldi Lake with Sphinx Glacier behind
Andy and Helen in the snow-capped Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

Five months later...

A difficult time came about 5 months later when we were both leaving Canada and had very different plans. Andy’s plan was to do working holidays in Australia and New Zealand, while I had already used my visas there. By this point, I had also been away for 4 years and wanted to come home and be closer to friends and family.

In October 2017, we went our separate ways and had our own adventures. I spent two months travelling through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala with two friends. Andy kitted out his car and drove from Vancouver to Montreal before flying on to Mexico for a couple of weeks in the sun.

Andy and his PADI instructors, Mexico
Andy getting his PADI certificate in Mexico
Helen with 2 friends in Tropicana Hostel in Guatemala
Last night in Guatemala

Our life today...

During his road trip, with a little convincing (which I will forever be so grateful for), Andy made the decision to move back to the UK and we embarked on a new adventure in London.

Andy & Helen stood on Primrose Hill, with views of the London Skyline, UK

Fast forward to today, I work in the travel industry and Andy works in marketing, but our sense of adventure is still very much alive! We love the invaluable experiences travel can bring you and luckily we still get to travel quite a bit while we call this place home. 

From our experiences, we understand that planning your travels can be stressful and tricky, especially when everyone’s so busy these days! Through this blog, our aim is to minimise your concerns by helping you prepare, get you excited about your travels, and hopefully inspire you to try something new!

Whether it’s planning your itinerary, what to take with you, local food and customs, we’ve got you covered! So visit our destinations page and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you.